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Lindsey is not likely to forget receiving the gift, plus there are pictures on Facebook where she opened the gift at her shower in her hometown, not the shower her in-laws threw her in their town.

I thought it was odd I never received a thank you note for the gift, especially when Lindsey so clearly loved it.

V called me at 6 am on Monday to let me know that Tink had gotten out of the fenced back yard through a small gap in the gate (apparently small enough that her larger dogs couldn’t squeeze through) and was hit by a car and was killed.

My husband and I immediately left for home, arriving at V’s house 8 hours later to pick up Tink’s body.

So, my cousin, I'll call her Lindsey, has been married for over 5 years to a wonderful man. Lindsey was not raised in the church, but after discovering her "dad" wasn't her real father when she was 13, she started attending services as a way to find peace.

The baby was going down for a nap, so I excused myself and left the room.It made me really happy to know she cared so much for it and that was about it.That was 4 months ago and Lindsey's daughter was born just over a month ago.EDIT: Thank you to all the folks who have helped me to connect with V’s probable POV.Reading your comments here has helped me regain a little perspective.

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We live in different states, so it took me until yesterday to be able to visit.

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