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Julian had at some point torn open the packages and poured the contents straight into his mouth.' Julian is forever taking more than his fair share of everything.'If there were four slices of Spam, he would eat three and leave one for me.' Daniel often thinks: 'You could at least ask,' but doesn't like to say anything.It's striking how little time Assange and his Wiki Leaks team spend in each other's company: they communicate, if you can call it that, almost entirely by computer, and then only in cliches.This social isolation fosters their self-regard, their notion that the world should be made to dance to their tune.

After all, 'the way he walked was both energetic and carefree, and he took huge strides.

Before long, Daniel is tying himself up in knots about Julian. With a good sense of humour.' But whenever Assange enters, we are all ears.

'On the one hand, I found Julian unbearable, and, on the other, unbelievably special and lovable.' But between the lines, it is clear Julian finds Daniel a bit of a bore, worth tolerating only for as long as he kow-tows. Like most heroes and villains in literature, he is entirely self-centred and extremely peculiar. He wears two pairs of trousers at the same time, and several pairs of socks.

How strange, to think of this daft, illmatched couple - a sort of all-male version of George and Mildred - sifting through the world's secrets while simultanaeously bickering over the Spam and the Ovaltine.

Julian is also something of a skinflint, always letting other people pay for things.

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'We used to be best friends, Julian and I - or at least, something like friends.

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