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So, a little nervously, I arrived, queued and talked to the immigration officer. I got to the breakfast bar and started eating, checking news and checking email.Tammie and I spent the requisite few hours in my condo's jacuzzi, of course, then visited some friends and soaked in the blue skies and comfortable weather. This extra day shaved off a bit of an onerous run from my travel agenda.The original plan was that I would fly from Glasgow, Scotland to Sydney, Australia.On the 27th, I'll be presenting at a meetup in Vienna, Austria. Then, it's off to Manchester, UK for a meetup on the 9th of May, 2018. These Spring One Tour events sell out quick, so don't miss this one!Then, on 2-3 May I'll be in Melbourne, Australia, and the VOXXED Melbourne event. From Denver, I head off to Kyiv, Ukraine for a JUG meeting.

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There I was, in India, talking to people who worked with my company's CEO more than a decade ago. All in all, yet another amazing trip to India for which I'm eternally grateful and which I shall not soon forget. I went from Sydney to Singapore and then from Singapore to Dubai. And there I was, in this amazing country that looked like the computer-generated models of futuristic cities in science fiction movies or in advertising but that we hardly expect to experience first hand.

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