Bisexuals in brooklyn dating issues with radiocarbon dating

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The popular dating site, which previously listed only Gay, Straight, and Bisexual as possible sexual orientations, has recently rolled out new options — queer, pansexual, heteroflexible, etc.

If you find that contradictory, well, welcome to the paradoxical world of bisexual OKCupid.

For once, a bisexual character is positively represented and here to stay.

Rosa’s coming out concludes a year of steadily increasing LGBTQ representation on the small screen.

To be clear, not all of them are doing so; many would never even think of it.

But if they do think of it — and a surprising number do — OKCupid makes it ridiculously easy.

I’m not one of those other bisexual women — don’t confuse me with ” — nycfuncouple, 35, New York Yes, OKCupid is full of straight couples in search of bisexual women to join them for “fun” (unnecessary code for threesomes), and they all list themselves as individual bisexual women, hoping you’ll accidentally click on their profiles when searching for a woman to date.

If that’s what bisexuality looks like — if that’s what it means to be “very bi” — we want no part of it.

But for the past year she’s been exclusive with a man, and recently she confessed to me, “He doesn’t know I like girls.” That’s how she puts it, always stumbling slightly over the phrase, like she’s about to say “I’m…” but then switches at the last second to “I…like girls.” Not love, just like; not women, just girls; not something she is, just something she does. ” As for me, I’ve spent much of my life declaring that everyone is bisexual — or, better yet, everyone is “a little bit bisexual” — which is another way of saying that no one is really bisexual, let alone “very bi,” and certainly I am not.

“Oh, please don’t use that word,” said Lana (27, Brooklyn) with a shudder. Lately, though, I’ve been trying to break this habit. I can — I — refuse to believe in the gender binary.

Generally you can’t tell whether a bisexual woman on OKCupid is a unicorn unless she messages you privately to tell you so.

My first OKCupid threesome was five years ago, and I initiated it myself, messaging one of the less noxious couple profiles on the site. “I identify as gay, actually,” said Angie (25, Westchester), who dated me and my boyfriend, and then just my boyfriend, and has only dated boys since then.

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The misspelling feels like a Freudian slip: “discrete” means “individually separate and distinct,” which is exactly how these couples seem to view bisexuality — as a dirty secret entirely removed from the rest of their lives.

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