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Biotechnology latest updating news

The company aims to eliminate the painful process of dehorning dairy cows by instead endowing them with a stretch of DNA from a hornless cattle breed.

Celgene also lowered its 2020 earnings-per-share guidance to more than .50 from more than .00.Celgene shares have rallied 3 percent year-to-date through Wednesday compared to the S&P 500's 14 percent gain.Makers of genetically engineered (GE) products have long been on the lookout for changes in U. And a set of new proposals released last week offers hints about what those agencies still hope to change.In a draft guidance released last week, FDA explains that products intended to reduce mosquito populations should be considered pesticides.That means that, if finalized, the guidance routes future GE mosquito strains to EPA for review.

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(The idea is that milk has already been shown to be safe, and adding a gene from another breed won’t change that.) Now, the new guidance means the Recombinetics cows might need to go through premarket review, even though their genome sequence is identical to hornless dairy cattle that could be produced through conventional breeding, Fahrenkrug says. that can’t be practically differentiated from each other seems doomed to fail,” he says, and FDA’s proposal “would put the U. at a huge competitive disadvantage with other countries with less [regulatory] burden.” Kuiken suggests that FDA’s document is more of a “trial balloon”—a first attempt to collect safety data on a broad range of gene-editing techniques.