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Another lion then joined in the attack and raked Mr Pinko’s left arm with its claw, causing blood to pour out.

Both of them were moved away but came back for a second attack where they forced the tamer to the ground and tore his clothes to shreds.

The Potts would adopt him on the condition he changed his age from 19 to pretend to be 14, both to allow himself to be adopted, but his new 'parents' would also get a payout from the Social Security Administration and attendant tax benefits.

He says they also asked him to pay ,000 he had saved over the summer to pay towards the adoption costs. Incredibly, when he walked through the halls of Harrisburg High in September that same year, no one batted an eyelid at the 19-year-old man with a thick Ukrainian accent.

They're always asking when I'm coming back.' He regrets what he did, more emphatically each day.

As a foreign national, he wasn't entitled to scholarships to the schools, despite his many academic achievements.

Authorities never found any evidence he had been planning to attack his school.

However, they did discover that the 'high school student', who by that point was 22 years old, had been dating a 15-year-old girl.

School staff and students alike accepted his claims he'd been home schooled until that point and grew up 'in the Russian-Jewish neighborhood down by the river.' Samarin proved to be a talented student, even accounting for the fact he had a five year start on the rest of his classmates.

He got straight As, won numerous accolades, was a Color Guard Commander in Navy JROTC and spent his summers the Upward Bound science and math program at Penn State.

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