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Putting your partner down while talking to anyone is never ok.

This is extremely true when the person you’re talking to could perceive what you’re saying as a hint that you’re in a troubled relationship and would be open to someone new. Your current partner may be the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

They’re going to notice how you refuse to leave your phone laying on the table, especially if you were careless with it before.

And they are going to notice how it now takes you forever to unlock your phone because you upped your privacy by adding a complicated unlock sequence.

And in a group setting this would probably be fine.

But once you’ve started going out of your way to “run into” that guy who gives you that rush of endorphins, you need to start avoiding him at all costs or at the very least knock off the flirting.This is the list of all the email addresses using the domain name and appearing publicly somewhere on the web.Click on "Sources" on the right of an email address to see where it has been found.But when you’re having a conversation and the daydreams start getting in the way by causing your mind to trail off in dreamland and you're thinking about someone else.It’s going to be obvious and when you snap back to reality and join the real world again it’s going to be slightly awkward while you’re coming up with an excuse as to why you weren’t paying any attention to what was being said.

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Flirting seems harmless enough but it sends the signal that you’re available when you’re obviously not.