Belgian man dating

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About Guys I Want To Meet: Depends from guy to guy.

Usually into the big strong ones, hoping to join the club asap : P The occasional chatting or gym buddy is also very welcome $.post("

I do mostly bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, plyometrics.

I won't lie and say that looks and body are not important because they are but a brain, a nice smile, patience and a sense of humour are also very much important!

I’m reading through the CNN travel report circa 2011 and wondering why the dutch don’t have a mention as one of the coolest nationalities in the world. Ditch the ill feelings towards the dutch guy who is rumoured to Go Dutch, when you are sitting at a table across from him, and slowly clearing your plate on a date.

Forget about all those complaints and concerns on the cybersphere about dutch guys being uncool, unromantic and underdressed.

As a black female traveller who has graced a couple of continents with itchy feet, I dare say that dutch guys are..super cool!

1) They are tall: I came away from my country feeling giraffe-like.

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