Be friends first before dating dating during legal separation nc

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For example, I know that there are some guys on here looking for dating, IE... Sure, there are probably some men using it as a trick but it doesn't mean that it is always the case."Friends first" to me means taking you time with the hope for a relationship if things go well.It's not the same as having "friendship" in the "What you are looking for" as that means that you are not necessarily clinging to the hope of a relationship; from the get go and in theory anyway- I don't really know what I should put on my profile right now...It is necessary to be friends to begin a relationship. The ideal way that this should go is that if she/he is a new acquaintance, friend of a friend or similar, you spend some time getting to know other in passing/casually. As great as the other person may be you don't have time or energy to accommodate another person in your life without them willing to give you the kind of relationship you seek -- you already have enough friends of both gender and you know what you want with this one.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

I for one know and understand that it's not everybody who is looking for the same thing. Becoming good friends first sounds great theoretically, but in many cases, you don't want another friend, you want a girl/boy-friend.If you feel a connection, ask her/him out for a date.It might work out years later (if you remain in touch) or it might not.The point being, for now that door is closed and you start looking elsewhere.

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But if she/he says yes, then you date, find out if both of you have a genuine connection and if not, you'll eventually breakup and move on like in the other case.

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