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Check one or multiple messages and then simply click the ‘Delete’ button you see at the bottom.How to Delete a Conversation If you want to delete your entire conversation, you can do this here as well.Look for your message icon located at the top bar and scroll through your messages until you find the conversation you’re interested in.Click on it and it will pop up at the bottom right of your browser in a tiny window.

We included a new plugin to delete all chat in facebook. I don’t think people have nostalgic feelings in keeping all chat history messages on Facebook or on any other digital media.At the same time all your instant chat messages are being synchronized with your i Pad at home and could be read involuntarily. Typos and wrong recipients in emails are not exceptional, but chatting gives us more freedom and possibility to make such mistakes.Frankly speaking, on touch screens we slip and blunder even more often.How many devices do you use to live your chat life in Skype?Imagine the situation when you’re chatting in Skype on i Phone with friends to organize a surprise for your sweetheart.

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But still you can see your chat history is filled with messages from the past.