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Australian jewish dating services

You operate in such difficult circumstances but carry on building your country while others criticize and do nothing to build theirs. i am ordinary scottish i have always believed in the beliefs of the jewish faith even though i,m religion and country have been vilifide over the years for defending should be proud to live and die for your someone gets this message just know i am pro israel and pro jewish always have been and will be to the day i die.We see that the problem in Arab countries is not Israel but the radical Islamist organizations such as Hamas, hizbalah, isis, alqaida and many others who ruin the lives of Muslims and other minorities.Here we present "54 Ways You Can Help Israel" – in no particular order. There should be some place to denounce nazis, anti-israelis, anti-jews. They only close accounts that express hate against who is not Jewish. I buy Jewish products, and give Matzah to my non-Jewish friends in Passover to stop that lie about Jews cooking cookies with Christian children's blood.A place where we can share hateful links to report them together. They love to eat it with jam in the mornings hahaha.Every Israeli citizen I spoke too told me that they want to live in peace with their Palestinian neighbours.I witnessed indiscriminate rocket attacks every day that I was in Israel .

That whole incident lasted probably 20 seconds', the witness wrote.A spokeswoman said DFAT is: 'providing consular assistance to the family of an Australian man who died in Thailand'.Local police are withholding an official statement as they continue to investigate the crime and decide what charges to file against the attacker, The Pattaya News reported.I apologize that my retarded government keeps on condemning Israel almost every month I am sick of it but can do nothing.The only thing that relief my anger is when I defend Israel in the comment side of a alraimedia which is a local Kuwaiti newspaper by stating the accurate historical and political facts about Israel .

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The international community is condemning Israel's ' dis-proportionate action' .

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