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The opposition CRI has been experiencing from certain former employees can largely be explained by the fact that less than six years ago the ministry went through a major, critical transition with the sudden and unexpected death of its founder, Dr. Walter was a uniquely gifted man, a legend in his own time, who was widely regarded as the father of the Christian countercult movement.He was a man of extraordinary vision, and CRI was the major result of that vision.I realize that the claim, “This is an attack by the Devil” has often been made by ministers who truly were guilty of the misdeeds charged.But the Christian must recognize that Satan can attack a work of God in this way.

Mr Turnbull also praised the distinguished service of Senator Brandis, who he intends to recommend to replace Alexander Downer in London.'I hope ...

Peter Dutton will become Minister for Home Affairs, and Michaelia Cash will become Minister for Jobs and Innovation.

Senator Brandis will leave the upper house to become High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, taking over from Alexander Downer who's held the post since 2014.'It's a ministry that showcases the depth of the Liberal and National team, with well-earned promotions for talented individuals, and a number of young and upcoming MPs bringing new skills and energy to the frontbench," Mr Turnbull told reporters in Sydney.

How could a ministry such as CRI, which has always been so careful in its research as to avoid lawsuits by even the most litigious of groups, end up being sued by Were compromise and corruption lurking underneath the surface of CRI all along, just waiting for a conscientious employee to expose them?

Although CRI’s many theological detractors would love for you to think this were the case, the answer to this question is an unqualified .

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However, the spiritual warfare (Satan-directed attacks) that we have faced over the years—including defamatory attacks on our integrity was published in April 1993 we braced ourselves for perhaps the strongest satanic onslaught in our history, as we were taking on some of the most powerful televangelists in the country.