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I liked him for him too) and in the twofer I snagged a genuine, blue skies and blue eyed, 100 percent, all-American guy.A tummy ache can sometimes be confused for love and while that worked out really well for me, it's not a sure shot and so it didn't make the following advice guide for how to date an American, inspired chiefly by this Huffington Post column, and seven years of my work in the field.

While some young Americans rallied to Obama’s campaign cry of "Yes, we can," a far larger number respond to Ferrell's terse but powerful message "That's just dumb." His far-sighted views on diversity, "I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship, used during the Civil War era," neatly sidestep possible social stigmas of Indo-American dating, which makes him a hero to our cause. Organic food: Americans believe that organic foods cleanse their soul and their colon. Hand harvested, cruelty free, cosmetically unaltered potatoes may taste like the pure manure they were grown in but keep this to yourself.As with an Indian meal, a hearty belch at the end is considered polite.If you can’t stomach the brew, then you better learn how to barbecue. Country music: Americans have an abiding but repressed love of country music.Sukaina Darren = Kyrus; Avninder Eliane = Milan; Anjali Craig= Neev.But let's not get distracted with hall-of-famer stats when we should be focused on running plays. Beer: A cloudy combination of water, barley, yeast, and hops is the grand American passion, and if you can tap into that, then you can tap… Crack the code embedded into your date's beer selection, and you can stroll over to first base.

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Pabst Blue Ribbon flashes hipster alert -- wear your sunglasses indoors.

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