Amy winehouse dating now

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Amy winehouse dating now

In addition to the usual books, plays and songs about addiction, television reality shows are flooding the airwaves with shows about people who just can't seem to stop doing self-destructive things.

Programs featuring hoarders, rehab, cartels, intervention, halfway houses, addicted celebrities, binge eating and excessive pet adoptions are now strewn through every cable line-up like used works in a rust-belt drug den.

Is the very concept of addiction so addictive that we can’t stop using it, even when it isn’t the best metaphor for the job?

Psychotherapist Lee Kassan and others discuss the problem of therapists who get too old to do their jobs well but too attached to their careers to bow out, and how you---whether you're a therapist of a patient, can most gracefully protect yourself.

Prepare to cut up a few scientific journals into valentines.

Last time out we marveled at how often the phrase “casual sex” twists therapists' minds into strange positions.

I say "promised" rather than "warned," because I recognized the signs...

It can include good sex, bad sex, safe sex, risky sex, sex alone or with others, sex with friends or strangers, sex with partners older or younger. Computer solitaire, originally packaged with Windows to make computers and mouse technique easier for new users to grasp, can become a huge time sink, even for people like me who flatter themselves that they're too smart and engaged with life to get hooked on it.

So tempting is it to blame biblical literalism for the Bible Belt's defects, that I have found a way to do it.

Champions of "personal responsibility" believe that moral censure can prevent addiction and spur addicts’ recovery by removing “incentives” to use drugs.

The recovery community diagnoses addiction as a medical condition that blame can’t help.

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Does getting paid in millions get people hooked on an executive compensation high?