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i wouldnt say its cool but if they think so whatever. It was an example and one that could have been elaborated on a lot more We all have issues that make us less than perfect. Be it a physical disability, mental on, lack of work, too many kids, whatever. My life is more focused on paying the bills and taking care of myself first. On line is NOT the place and it is RARE that people on here meet people they connect post was simply a thread to start some conversation.i wasnt going to but left u could use more decorum and stop being soooo crass. This is no different than any other self pity thread. Hell, maybe I need to start a thread because I am a big body builder and female, no one ( on here ) is in decent shape and will date me. Anyone, no matter what they have going on, simply needs to work with what they have and understand not everyone will be accepting. For some, it has worked but the majority, it is not that great.There are certain things you can't change---so you should learn to embrace them and accept the fact that you won't be all women's cup of tea.

Maybe see a counselor to deal with the frustration that obviously comes with not being able to drive your dates around. Do whatever works for you and get as creative as you can with ideas for transportation, etc.honestly i dont know what the hell lofnormal is talking about with all the counseling stuff.Dude you have challenges , no denying that, and posting that you are a albino and being blind does look like your whining, or it has the appearance of whining ,having said that you obviously dated before right?you must know some people will and some people wont?for you see i already know that it is mostly my personality that has made the woman who like me attracted to me. People wear contacts and glasses /sometimes both and do drive in the daytime.. As we all know, there are some things that simply need to be worked around, and some people cannot accept rejection for any reason.there have been a few that were just attracted to me from the jump because they think albinism is cool. People will only be attracted to, and date who they feel will be easy for them. I happen to be happy with who I am and do not care if someone comes along or not. Sometimes, if we find places where people " like us" tend to gather, is where we might meet someone who we will get along with and meet for a LTR.

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