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Thus the railroad company had a vital interest in filling up the demographic white spots in the thinly settled stretches of land between Philadelphia and the coast. On the Board of Directors of the railroad company there were several men of German descent.

Perhaps he will make a remark about the exceptionally large number of well kept gardens with beautiful trees and shrubbery.They visualized two cities, one, called Pomona, stretching over four square miles immediately north of the railroad tracks.A second city, called Gloucester, should be erected a few miles further north around Gloucester Lake.A tourist who has an ear for German sounding names or a college student who ever took a course in German civilization will probably look somewhat perplexed if he opens the local telephone directory or if he sees the names on the street signs.There is Suenderhaufs Bakery, Weisbeckers Cleaners, Von Bosses Winery, Messingers Grocery, Theilackers Flower Shop.

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With each share the new settler and stockholder acquired a 20 acre farm and the claim for a building lot 100 by 150 foot within the "town" (in the narrower sense of the word).

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