Activities for dating couples

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Activities for dating couples

If you’re looking for more meaningful alternatives and you haven’t already completed the VIA Signature Strengths Survey on the Authentic Happiness website, it’s worth doing.

Take a look at this piece on character strengths for more on that.

However, if you want to actively grow closer emotionally even while you’re far apart physically, it’s also important to go beyond the “what’s going on right now” sort of chatter.

You also need to find some long distance relationship activities–new, fresh ways to create shared experiences, even over the miles.

It’s not quite the same as snuggling on the couch and sharing a bowl of popcorn, but it a documentary about online dating.

Go on an adventure in your own city – somewhere you love going but don’t get to often, or somewhere brand new.

Take photos and send them text messages throughout the day letting them know what you’re doing.

Have them do the same where they live, and then share your photos and discuss your outings. Channel that angst into writing something (many things) that will remind your loved one exactly love and miss them.

Music taps feelings that are hard to put into words, so when you’re feeling glum and lonely it can be extremely cathartic to put together an LDR playlist.If you want to go one better, invite them to help you put the playlist together. Check out this piece on 15 Long Distance Relationship Songs To Fit Every Mood.If you each suggest 6 songs you’ll have a whole hour of heart-felt music. Have an in-depth chat about something important that will help you get to know one another better (check out these pieces on 10 Important Questions For Couples To Answer About Coping With Stress and How To Talk About Money In A Serious Long Distance Relationship).Now and then, it’s healthy and inspiring to create a bucket list–a list of experiences you want to have and things you want to accomplish in life.You and your partner can create seperate bucket lists and compare (that’s good for hours of interesting conversation).

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Set a dollar limit (e.g., $25, not including postage) and put together some small gifts and treats for your long distance partner.

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