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Today, hotels not only provide accommodation and meals but also offer a variety of other services as per the needs of the tourist/guest.

For example, many hotels offer a health club, crèche, etc. They are the modern western style hotels, found mostly in metro cities and at major tourist destinations and that are located at prime locations in the city.

Travel agents and tour operators generally include one of the following types of accommodation in the itinerary.

5 Star Hotel: Taj Palace, Mumbai They are located on highways and expressways.The accommodating strategy essentially entails giving the opposing side what it wants.The use of accommodation often occurs when one of the parties wishes to keep the peace or perceives the issue as minor.lodging facilities which are paid for the duration of the stay by the tourist.There are various types of accommodation which are being used by tourists regularly.

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Common washrooms, vending machines, and a lounge area are located on each floor.

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