Accommodating employees with asperger syndrome doubleyourdating com review

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With flexibility and change almost inevitable within competency frameworks, it does raise the question of whether these are the most appropriate mechanisms for assessing performance.

Nearly all the line managers reported that attention to detail was a characteristic that they definitely or strongly associated with their employees.

In contrast, Asperger's syndrome is not visible - the differences lie in processing and thinking style - and there is no obligation to disclose the condition to an employer.

For these reasons, many managers are not aware that they may have employees with Asperger’s.

Seven 'clusters' of characteristics and behaviours emerged from my research, connected to the following characteristics; IQ; work ethic; attention to detail; social interaction and working with others; a tendency to be blunt and direct; being hyper sensitive to lights and noise; and being inflexible.

Firstly, spoken about exclusively as a strength was high IQ.

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Findings in this study challenged stereotyped views that AS people do not enjoy talking to others and instead supported the clinical studies which discuss the negative effects of environments, particularly those that are noisy or bright – such as a call centre or open plan office.

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