30 year old man dating 21 year old

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I don't trust the internet for dating, for many obvious reasons.

So I have been keeping my eyes and ear open for any sign that there is something wrong with the picture... He told me his reasoning for being on an online dating site is simply because he is FAR too busy to find someone any other way.

it's not always about where someone is in their life, sometimes it's just about who you are.

I know plenty of people my age, men and women, who still don't have their life together - Keep positive thougths, he obviously sees something within you that he likes.

For women, the draw of slightly older men while the women are late teens and early 20s is:--the men are more mature than their age peers--more men are ready for LTRs and/or commitment--more men have more money and resources with which to finance a relationship (despite teh feminizm, most women, even higher earning women, still to this day expect men to do most of the paying).There was only one guy I ever emailed back and after talking for awhile and making sure he was legit, we met in a public place.I wasn't sure I liked him, but he made it VERY clear that he liked me right after the first date.Firstly I'm 22, so don't tell me I am an old man babysnatching I was just wondering, does TRP promise this unrealistic reward to older guys that when they hit 30 their SMV will peak and they will have the opportunity to scoop up young girls including virgins?Like I said, I'm a young guy, in good shape and get attention from girls and aside from the fact I don't have a job (beta bux?

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I get a feeling he's been on the dating sites for years.

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