100 thick chick dating

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Read on for simple ways to step up your dating game.

Rutgers University anthropologist and best-selling author Helen E.

In one study, researchers at the University of California at Berkeley looked at the behavior of 60 heterosexual male and 60 heterosexual female users on an online dating site.Then she drops her eyelids, tilts her head down and to the side, and looks away.Frequently she also covers her face with her hands, giggling nervously as she retreats behind her palms."If they are much better-looking than you, you are worried about them going off and having affairs.If they are much less attractive, you are worried that you could do better." A 2010 study from the University of Wales Institute found that men pictured with a Silver Bentley Continental GT were perceived as way more attractive than those pictures with a Red Ford Fiesta ST.

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One of the best documented findings in psychology is the halo effect, a bias where you unconsciously take one aspect of somebody as a proxy for their overall character.

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